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Why we need to end violence against women…

Written by Nicky, one of our services users for 17th December 2011 International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

A lot of working girls have either been physically or mentally abused.  In my opinion I personally can’t stand men being violent towards women.  It happens everywhere all the time, even people who you’d never expect experience some sort of violence in their lives.  The problem is growing and we women need to stand together – fight back!  Sometimes though it can be too late before anyone realises what is going on.  A lot of women  (through fear of more violence) will not say anything or do anything about the situation they’re in, often women will end up in A & E with broken bones or badly bruised; their excuse “I fell down the stairs”.  People will not be able to help you unless you actually speak up and fight back (not using violence) if you say something to someone who has the right type of contacts something can be done to help you.

You’ve had the strength to make it up until now have some more strength and speak up about it and tell someone, fight back, get rid, get a new life!

We all have to remember all the women who have passed on; Clare, Rooma, Corrina, Class, Gail, Jenny, Sandra, and Sky all have passed on in the last few years.

Can we have 1 minutes silence to remember these women and also all the women who have been murdered by punters whilst working.

I personally have been attacked a few times while working.  I remember the first time I was attacked; it was in the middle of the day and I was walking through Longsight along Dickenson Road, I saw a man and asked him for business, he agreed and we went behind the shops.  We started business and we were there a while.  I wanted to go, he gave me more money so I had £30 now he still couldn’t finish, in the end he asked for the money back, I told him where to go then he attacked me.  I won’t go into details but I walked away with two black eyes and a broken nose.  He ran away with my coat with money, keys, two phones.  You know the worst part, I didn’t fight back because I was actually shocked, never thought it would happen to me!  I never reported it to the police.  Now if that happened I’d use the self-defence I learnt at MASH and would report it and also do a dodgy punters statement to warn other girls.  You always think it’ll never happen to me but it did, now think how many more women who have been either attacked or even seriously injured or died through doing what we do – you wouldn’t want to know the real number – its shocking!

Please think about them throughout your day, light a candle write a poem do something nice but never forget them

Thank you for taking time out to come here and honour all these girls!

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