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Oscar wins an Oscar

Man of the year

Our dedicated volunteer, Oscar, recently won Man Of the Year at the Fusion Awards for his tireless community work (here receiving his award from Zabir Afzal of Harwood Solicitors).

Here is his story of volunteering for MASH:

I have volunteered for MASH since 1998. Back then MASH operated out of a wagon and trailer on the streets. I got involved when I met the staff parking up the wagon one evening near to where I work. They explained that the van was mostly manned by volunteers and they had to call off a session as a volunteer had cancelled and I decided to help them out.

I like to put a bit back into life. I feel that I am a positive male role model and that the women MASH support can see that not all men are the same. I have heard lots of stories at MASH of hard lives and I have made, and lost, friends over the years. It’s been a great learning curve – there was one woman who I saw every week to make a drink or sandwich for, and she only spoke to me after 8 years – that day was a real breakthrough to me and one and the best experiences I have had.

I have met lots of different people who have volunteered over the years, lots of ‘go-ahead’ people, and I am lucky enough to mentor and encourage them and make them feel comfortable in their role.

The MASH drop-in is a God send for the women and not a week goes by without something lovely happening there. My time at MASH has been fantastic and I am still having a fantastic time.

For details on how you can volunteer with MASH click here.

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