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Tony Lloyd, Police & Crime Commissioner, visits MASH

Tony’s role is to hold the police force to account and respond to the needs of the public.

He came  to see the Drop-In on a Friday afternoon and chat with staff and service users about our experience of the police.

Tony was very interested and priased the ‘vital role’ of  the drop-in, he said

“MASH plays a vital role to help ensure that sex workers have the kind of help and support they need to make positive changes to their lives. Often these women are incredibly vulnerable and many have suffered violence, both physical and sexual, both at home and when working.  

“No-one wakes up one morning and decides they want to sell their bodies on the street. The women who MASH support need our help, they certainly don’t need to be judged. I’ve been really impressed by the selfless attitude of the centre’s staff in ensuring that sex workers have somewhere they can go to get the help they so desperately need.”

“MASH has helped give many women a way out of this lifestyle, and have acted as a conduit between these women and agencies like police and local authorities to help give sex workers the confidence to come forward when they have been a victim of crime.”






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