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Tips for your first 10K run

Good luck to all our runners who are taking part in the BUPA Manchester 10K this weekend and raising funds for MASH. Here are our 10 Top Tips for the day:

Tips for your first 10K

Don’t expect your finish time to be double your 5K time.

As the race distance gets longer, your pace will be slower. While this may seem like common sense, some people still get disappointed when they realize they can’t run as fast as they do in a 5K race.

Eat something before the race.

You might have been able to get away with not eating breakfast before a 5K, but it’s a lot harder to push through a 10K on an empty stomach.

Don’t start out too fast.

It’s tempting to start out at a fast pace, especially if you’re used to running 5K races.

Use the water stops.

A 10K is long enough that all runners, no matter how fast you are, need to take in some water during the race. Take advantage of the water stations on the course.

Prevent chafing and blisters.

Make sure you take steps to avoid chafing, such as using BodyGlide or Vaseline on trouble spots and wearing technical fabric running clothes. To avoid blisters, wear synthetic blendsocks and make sure your running shoes fit properly.

Get your family members and friends to support you.

It helps immensely when you have people along the course cheering for you.

Stay mentally tough.

Try distracting yourself by looking at the sights along the course, other runners or spectators. Focus on getting to the next mile marker, not the finish line – the race will feel more manageable if you break it down into smaller pieces.

Push to the finish.

As you get closer to the finish line, there’s no holding back — if you feel good, go for it.

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