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MASH Day Trips

MASH have organised various day trips over the years for the women who use our Drop-In Centre. This summer we have been to the Liverpool Slavery Museum and the Gallery of Costume.
The trips are educational and cultural, but also a really good opportunity for the women to get away from the stress and pressure of the ‘the beat’ (the area the women work on the streets).

Taking the women out of the beat can help them look at life a different way. On the streets the women tend to work alone, and on a trip like this, can they relax and be part of a group.

Many of the women working on the streets are also estranged from their families, and so do not have opportunity to chat with their family members. These trips give them the time and space to learn the dynamics of being part of a group and enhance their communication skills.

Most importantly the trips are a chance to get away from being a sex worker, and just be a woman for the day. A very important part of the journey for women who are trying to move away from sex work is to re-establish their identity.

We are grateful that funding has enabled us to host these trips, and are starting to plan our activities for the Christmas festivities.

If you would like to support the work of MASH by raising funds please see the upcoming exciting events you can join in.

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