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Meet Mark, MASH Trustee & Treasurer

How I got involved at MASH?
I was asked, in 2005, to research a few locally based Manchester charities for my employer to partner with as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility charter. I visited 4 charities and MASH was the one that I recommended to them. They chose not to partner with MASH “because of the client group they work with”. Suffice to say, I was absolutely livid about this so decided to help in another way.  I started volunteering for MASH and loved it!  Just to make things clear – I am no longer with that employer.

How long have you been a Trustee?
Back in 2007 I was asked to become a Trustee by the previous CEO as MASH were going through a period of change and he wanted a Trustee that worked in the private sector to help MASH with its plans. I was delighted to be asked but was gutted to have to stop volunteering. Luckily, this isn’t the case now and volunteers can also be Trustees which is a fantastic thing.

What does your role entail?
My role, as a Trustee, is to be part of the team that help guide the charity and decide how it is run. I try and use the experience I have gained in the private sector to help MASH achieve its aims and objectives. As the Treasurer for MASH I also have an added responsibility to ensure that we have the money we need to run the organisation and that we spend this money wisely. I (thankfully) don’t have to do this on my own. All the Trustees, along with Cate, discuss and agree the long term expenditure of the organisation. I try to visit at least once a month to talk about finance with Cate aside from the Trustee meetings that take place every other month.

What makes me proud about MASH?
Simple – its people.
Having been part of the MASH family for nearly a decade, I am extremely proud of the people involved in this organisation – the MASH employees who go over and beyond the call of duty to support our service users. The fantastic group of volunteers who give up their time to come and help us – come rain or shine. The Trustees that I work alongside who also give up their time and expertise to guide MASH. Simply, everyone involved in MASH. It’s what set MASH apart from the other charities I visited all those years ago and it is still the same today.

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