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Lovely poem by an ex-service user


Saying Goodbye To You

It took me so long to get use to you

It took me so long, I felt so blue,

You took my pride; myself worth,

My self-esteem, I became a real jerk.


The lights looked appealing at first I thought,

But really it was my life that you sought,

The cravings, the cramps, the abusive stamp,

The long walks of isolation and midnight frights,


The creeps, the peeps, and weirdo’s glore,

That only Impacted and convince me I was a “Whore”

The deprivation, condemnation, held me for sure,

This only made me fight even more and more.

For a life full of pride and freedom from drugs,

I choose recovery it sounded so good.


The depths of deceit which I told myself,

Went right back to childhood “they said it would help”,

The behaviours discovered even today,

They need constant working on for me to stay.


Free from pain of a life insane,

Merry go rounds and ups and downs.

One step at a time is all I can say,

That gives me the courage, the hope, for today.

To understand my problem and pick them apart,

Has helped me make decisions and be so smart.

So follow the example of your Peers,

Stay in touch with your feelings and fears

Jackie Scott








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