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My experience of street sex working

My experience of street sex working:

I came to England ten years ago to live with my uncle. It didn’t go well. I left even though it meant becoming homeless.

I started [sex] working about five months after I came here. At first I was forced to work because I had no job or friends and family. Then I found somewhere to live but I still had to [sex] work on the streets.

I wanted to stop working and get a different job but no matter how many jobs I applied for I didn’t have any luck. I studied in college for 4 years and volunteered but I found it very hard to get other work.

For four years I got benefits but then they stopped for a long time because I am from a different country and they are unhappy with me not finding a job here. I got a job selling the Big Issue but I am still worried about getting paid properly and getting enough money.

Because of this I am working on the beat more and more to pay the rent on my accommodation. I am stressed and depressed in this situation. I feel there is no choice for me but to work on the beat.

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