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Double your money at MASH!

On Tuesday 18th October you can start doubling your charity donation to MASH.

All donations of £10 made on-line at Local Giving  on Tues 18th Oct will be doubled! AND any Direct Debit donations set up on the same day, of up to £10 a month, will be matched for the first three months! Please help MASH and if you can, make a donation of £10. 

MASH will receive double the amount

AND the Gift-Aid

meaning your donation of £10 is worth £22.50 to MASH. 

MASH provide help & support to women with few other places to turn. We are the only women-only support available in Manchester open in the evenings and we are determined to ensure that  women get the support they need. We need your help to run this amazing service helping vulnerable women who are street sex working to take control to take control of their lives.

Claire*, who we worked with for a number of years, said “MASH are the only family I’ve got – they’ve saved my life so many times.”

Over the past 25 years we have done a lot of good work in the Manchester community but there are many more women like Claire who we can help. With your support we can help women work towards a safer, better future. Please make your donation today before the matched funding runs out.

Thank you.
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