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A big thanks to Havas Lynx for their help

When Havas Lynx heard that MASH needed some help they stepped up immediately.

MASH, alongside 2 other leading Manchester charities – Manchester and Trafford Rape Crisis – secured funding from Lloyds Bank Foundation to carry out research into the experiences of women survivors of sexual violence – Voices of Survivors. VOS aims to create a network of organisations across Greater Manchester so women know where to turn for help.

VOS needed an experienced and knowledgeable team to create a logo and brand to help VOS reach as many women as possible. We were thrilled when a few members of the Creative team at Havas Lynx offered to help. Havas Lynx has a wonderful scheme whereby each member of the Lynx team is given a volunteer day, where each member of staff can take a working day and use it to support a charity of their choice.

Our relationship with Havas Lynx began at their Christmas charity fair, and we were delighted when we had a number of people pledge their time to help us. Since then, a small creative team from Havas Lynx (David Whitfield, Christian Brown and Janneke Earl) has committed to helping develop our brand.

The result of the collaboration thus far is a fantastic logo that is clean, simple and effective, deftly conveying both conversation and listening, key elements at the core of the VOS project. We’re looking forward to further collaboration with Havas Lynx in developing the MASH brand.

The logo can been seen on the VOS website

Thanks Havas Lynx!

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