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Empowering Women, Changing Lives
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Who we are

MASH is a charity providing a range of confidential and non-judgemental services to women working in the sex industry in Greater Manchester.

MASH works with female sex workers, to help them keep safe and healthy and empower them to make real choices about their lives. We’ve been doing this since 1991. The service then provided condoms and clean injecting equipment together with advice and information and referrals into other services. We operated in the heart of the beat and late at night. Although our services have grown and developed these elements remain at the core of what we do and how we work.

We still provide street outreach and go out into saunas as well. In 2010 we moved in to the MASH Centre. The Centre provides a range of services including a sexual health clinic, needle exchange, therapeutic services and life skills support. Women can drop in. They tell us they feel safe, welcomed, and able to be themselves without fear of being judged. MASH staff are able to build relationships which enable us to offer long term casework support and address issues such as drug addiction, housing and money problems. We are open day and evening. Over 50 volunteers support our paid staff team.

Our Mission Statement

‘MASH works with female sex workers to promote sexual health, wellbeing and personal safety whilst offering choice, support and empowerment to promote individual positive life changes”.
Our Values

• User Centred: We exist to meet the needs of our service users. We respect and accept everyone and do not judge. We respect women’s choices and work to reduce the harm some of those choices may cause.

• Empowering: We support our services users to recognise and develop their strengths and make their own decisions. We listen to our users and involve them in shaping our services.

• Challenging: We challenge our users to be the best they can. We challenge ourselves to provide the best services possible. We challenge other agencies to improve services for sex workers.

• Partnership: We work as partners with our service users; we work with other agencies to ensure coordinated provision which meets our clients’ needs. We share our experiences and knowledge with others and learn from their expertise.

• Effective: We will identify best practise, demonstrate our impact and learn from others.

• Committed: We are passionate about the work we do and the difference we make.

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