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Why provide a specialist support service for sex workers:

Although sex work is legal in the UK, it can be stigmatized which can make accessing mainstream services difficult to women who do not feel comfortable disclosing their sex work at other support organisations.

Mainstream organisations can also be difficult for some women to access if they have a chaotic lifestyle and do not turn up for appointments. Often they are ‘struck off’ for not attending.

In addition many of the women we see may be wary of using a support service if it is for both men and women, having had negative experiences with men.

This means some women with very complex needs are not accessing the right support.

What do MASH do?

MASH provide a free, confidential, non-judgmental and flexible support package that makes a real impact when working with women who are looking to take control of their life.

All the women we support are individuals and have their own reasons for sex working, however some women feel like they have less choices than others and MASH specialise in supporting and empowering these women, who often have very complex needs.

MASH offer a fully holistic support service from a Drop-In Centre based in the ‘red light district’ in Manchester. Women can get help with addictions, mental health issues, debts, develop their life skills and join in self-confidence building activities.

We also have teams who take the support directly to the women. One team visit women working on the streets giving them condoms and safety advice, help into emergency housing and information about the women’s support options from MASH.

Another team, headed by our nurse, visit women in the saunas. They mainly offer sexual health testing and advice, but also talk to women about the full support package MASH offer.

A small number of independent escorts access MASH too, usually for sexual health services or for emotional and practical support if they are choosing to leave sex work.

If women wish to leave (exit) sex work our Case Workers work 1-on-1 in partnership with women to ensure they are empowered, fully informed, in touch with the right support, and able to sustain the changes.

As a small local charity MASH does not spend a lot of money on fundraising and you can be sure that any money you donate will be spent directly on supporting vulnerable women.


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