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The counseling we offer at MASH is ‘Cognitive Behavioral Therapy’ which is a talking therapy that uses problem-solving methods to help you to address difficulties and issues in your life. It teaches techniques and skills to use after therapy.

It works by focusing on the how you think about things, what you believe about life and how this affects your behavior and life. It helps you recognise and change negative thinking patterns, moods and behaviors to encourage a helpful and balanced approach to life.

Women can be refered to our experienced therapist, Karen, by our MASH case workers. Or women can ring and ask for a meeting with the therapist. (MASH number is 0161 237 4555)

Karen would set up an initial meeting to explain the nature of the counseling and chat about your goals.

If you and Karen decide counseling is right for you she would arrange a weekly or fortnightly appointment in the Counseling Room at MASH.

The therapy is completely confidential.


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