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Ugly Mugs and Dodgy Punters

Reporting violent incidents to MASH will mean that we can circulate descriptions of dodgy punters and dangerous people to other working women.

In the MASH centre we have an Ugly Mugs Board with descriptions of people who have recently attacked sex workers with details about their cars and the time and place of the incident. We also have flyers that can be taken away, and are distributed by our outreach van to working women.

We will not report your incident to the Police unless you ask us to and if you do want to report incidents to the police we can come with you. We can report the incident anonmously for you if you want us to.

MASH is also linked to the national Ugly Mugs scheme. You can sign up on-line for free, and you can view (or be sent) warnings about dangerous individuals who may pose a risk to you or may potentially hurt you.

“If you give your consent the information will be sent to police intelligence systems without any of your personal details to help build intelligence about dangerous individuals and ultimately bring them to justice.”

The idea is that by all working together we can keep each other as safe as possible. Another important function of the Scheme is to gather as much information about the number and types of violence perpetrated against sex workers as this has never been done before. This enables us to challenge the Government and people who make the laws and lobby for actions to address the issue. Violence against sex workers is wrong, unacceptable and needs to stop NOW!

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