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Exiting sex work

If you are considering leaving (exiting) sex work, whether street sex work or escorting, and you are seeking support, MASH can offer you support that is free and confidential. You can pick up the phone and speak to one of our experienced case workers on the number below.

Leaving sex work may feel impossible. You may have a lot to consider. You may want to plan where your income will come from, learn to budget, be referred to drug & alcohol support services, or look into taking steps into employment through training or volunteering. MASH’s case workers can work with you to start the journey step by step.

A MASH case worker can sit down with you and put together a plan. You can use all the facilities at the MASH Drop-In Centre, including the PCs, counselling, alternative therapies and sexual health nurse.

You may be considering exiting on your own as you have never told anyone you sex work. Be assured we will be here, even if you only need to turn to us occasionally, and that MASH’s support is confidential and non-judgemental.


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