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Personal safety


  • Have long hair loose
  • Wear clothing that could be used to harm you eg. scarves and heavy necklaces
  • Wear floaty clothing that could easily get trapped in car doors
  • Wear sharp jewellery that could damage condoms
  • Wear shoes that are tricky to put on


  • Tie up long hair
  • If you need glasses or contact lenses — wear them!
  • Wear clothing that does not have to be removed or that is easy to put on and take off
  • Wear clothes that make you clearly visible at night
  • Wear trousers with easy access — especially if you go in punters cars
  • Wear shoes you can take off or run in

Safer practices

  • Always trust your instincts. If you feel uncertain about someone then there is usually a good reason for it. It’s not worth ignoring your instincts and later wishing you hadn’t
  • Always get the money first and stash it away separately from your other money so that if a punter does try to rob you he will not find it all, at least you might save some of your money
  • Be friendly but firm when negotiating services with a client or punter, explain your limits and be firm about what you do and don’t do
  • Work out an escape route in advance
  • Keep your eyes on your punter and his hands at all times
  • Refuse punters you feel uneasy about — you have the right to say NO!
  • Appearances can be deceptive. Do not assume someone is OK just because they look ‘respectable’
  • When talking to a client look confident, be assertive, strong and in control
  • Let the punter walk in front of you
  • If you have one carry a mobile phone.
  • You can programme it to dial a number at the press of one button. Make this the number of the police or of one of your friends so you can get help quickly

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