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Safety at home

Going to a clients home

  • Before going out, get the address and a landline number, then check the number in the phone book/ directory enquiries if possible. If he doesn’t want to give you the information then he may have something to hide and you may be in danger if you go. Only after you’ve confirmed the details are correct call the client back and confirm your arrangements
  • On your way, pay attention to the location. Note potential escape routes and other information such as bus routes/taxis/busy streets/open shops/pubs/garages/phone boxes. Are there any lights on in nearby properties or signs that neighbours may be at home?
  • It is important to get an idea of how isolated you may or may not be. How many cars are parked outside the property/in the driveway? It might not be safe if there are others there you weren’t expecting. How many floors up is it? This will affect potential escape routes

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