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Safety in saunas and private workplaces

Safety tips

  • Avoid working on your own in any establishment as violent clients are more likely to attack if you are on your own.
  • If you are on your own, pretend there is someone else with you. You could call to someone in the kitchen as you go to the room with a client. You may feel silly but the client will think you are not alone
  • Have a plan ready in case a client attacks you. Know the escape routes to a safe place in the building
  • Get the money first and stash it away or give to the maid or receptionist
  • Always take an alarm into the room with you. If the establishment does not have them fitted, ask them to consider fitting them in the rooms or supplying the workers with personal alarms. If they do not agree, then you may be able to get an attack alarm from MASH
  • If the doors in the rooms have locks always know how to open them quickly. Never leave a key in the door as you could be locked in
  • If you are not entirely comfortable with the client do not lock the door
  • If there are mirrors on the walls use them to keep an eye on what the client is up to
  • If you are attacked or start to feel scared try to keep yourself calm and get out of the room as quickly as you can. Don’t be too embarrassed to run out of the room with no clothes on if you have to
  • Be clear about the services you are prepared to provide and your prices

Working as an escort and home visits

  • Always speak to the client yourself.
  • Use this opportunity to suss him out and find out exactly what he wants before you go. Make sure you are comfortable with it. Be clear about the cost of the service
  • If the client sounds drunk or stoned seriously consider not taking the job
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you expect to be back
  • If you start to feel scared or you are attacked try to keep yourself and the situation calm. Get to a busy place as soon as possible.
  • Try to leave a small personal object such as an earring or wrapped condom (remember the type) that you could positively identify if you decide to report the incident to the police

Going to a hotel

  • Before going out, get the client’s room number and name of the hotel, and arrange to phone him back. If he’s not happy with that do not go as he may have something to hide. Get the hotel telephone number from the yellow pages
  • After you’ve confirmed the hotel number phone the client back and arrange to meet him
  • Try to meet FIRST TIME CLIENTS in a public place like the hotel bar particularly if you haven’t managed to speak with them yourself
  • On your way out, pay attention to the area around the hotel and potential points of safety such as bus routes, taxis, busy streets, open shops, pubs, garages and phone boxes
  • On arrival, memorise the layout of the hotel and escape routes from the room or suite
  • Pay attention to details in the room and know the hotel room number so you could positively identify the room if you need to
  • Watch out for any cameras that may be concealed in the room and don’t forget that many mobile phones have cameras built in
  • Keep as much clothing on as possible in case you have to run
  • If you are uncertain about a client, leave immediately
  • Try to get yourself or the client seen by CCTV cameras that may be positioned in the Hotel entrance

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