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Safety on the street

Things to keep on you…

  • Condoms and Lubricant, open some condom packets and lube sachets. Keep them in easy reach.
  • Pen and Paper
  • Mobile Phone

Street safety

  • Get to know the area you work in well. Know the safest escape routes, police stations, pubs, open shops and petrol stations. Know the bus routes and where to get a taxi.
  • Have a clear idea of where you will take a punter, if possible try to tell someone where you are going and agree to meet up at agreed times when out working
  • Avoid working in secluded areas, but if you have to, make sure you are as familiar with your surroundings as possible. Never take a punter to a dimly lit place
  • Try to get on CCTV camera where possible, let the punter know you both have been caught on camera
  • At night try to work in fairly busy well-lit areas, near a busy road is good. If a car pulls up and you think that something is not quite right walk quickly in the opposite direction to the traffic

Punters in cars


  • keep a reasonable distance when approaching a car, at least arms length to avoid being grabbed
  • check the number of passengers and licence plate before you get in. Make the punter aware you are taking the vehicle’s registration before you get in. Never get in a car with 2 or more men in.
  • Look around the car before you get in, watch out for ropes and potential weapons. If it is a van always check in the back for other men, ropes or weapons

Make sure you can get out of the car

  • Never let the punter park with the passenger door against the wall or other obstacle. If he does give him a reason to move it, for example you saw a police car or other people can see you
  • If the car has central locking always leave the door open a little or wind the window down
  • In two-door cars insist on staying in the front seat, escaping from the back is very difficult
  • If a punter starts to attack you make a lot of noise, scream and shout. Hit the car horn, turn on the lights, put your legs up in the windscreen and try to open the car door to escape
  • If you start to feel scared or are attacked try to keep calm and get out of the vehicle and to a busy place as soon as possible.
  • Try to leave a small personal object under or stuffed down the car seat, something like an earring or unused condom (remember the type), anything that you could identify if you decide to report the incident to the police

Working together with other women for safety

  • Wave and call to someone (or pretend to) say when you expect to be back
  • Try to let a friend know where you are going and ask her to take down number plates
  • Sticking together makes it easier
  • Ask for help from other women
  • Take care and look out for each other, especially newcomers
  • Be on special alert in the dark

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